Printable Cryptograms

Cryptograms are simple-substitution ciphers where every letter of the alphabet has been switched. Your task is to use pattern recognition and your grammar and vocabulary abilities to decipher the hidden quote. Hint: start with the 1, 2 and 3 letter words, and remember that the most common letters in the English language are E-T-A-I-O-N, in roughly that order. Good luck!

Eight new printable cryptograms will be made available every day, directly from this page.

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Easy to Medium Cryptograms

If you're new to cryptograms, or just looking for a relatively easy puzzle to solve, give these a try first. These puzzles have a much higher completion average and can usually be solved without too much difficulty.

  2024-07-18   Easy to Medium Cryptograms
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  2024-07-17   Easy to Medium Cryptograms
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  2024-07-16   Easy to Medium Cryptograms
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  2024-07-15   Easy to Medium Cryptograms
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Challenging Cryptograms

Seasoned solvers and those looking for a greater challenge will want to try these puzzles, which are a bit more difficult. These puzzles are successfully solved less than 40% of the time, so get ready for a challenge!

  2024-07-18   Challenging Cryptograms
  2024-07-17   Challenging Cryptograms
  2024-07-16   Challenging Cryptograms
  2024-07-15   Challenging Cryptograms
Want more? Get the previous 30 challenging cryptogram sheets for just $1.99 via PayPal   

Hints & Solutions for Cryptogram Puzzles

Stuck on a puzzle and need a hint? Or do you just want to check your solution to make sure it's correct? Either way, we've got you covered! Just find the unique puzzle id for the puzzle you're working on (ex: K901BF) and enter it below to find the information you need.

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