Printable Mathdoku Puzzles

Mathdoku puzzles are a mix between a math puzzle and a Sudoku puzzle. You must enter the numbers 1 through 9 into each empty white square, using each number exactly once, so that all six mathematical equations on the grid are fulfilled.

Each puzzle has one and only one unique solution, and most puzzles can be solved using only pure logical deduction. (Trial-and-error methods may occasionally be required for the hardest "Diabolical" puzzles.)

Very Easy Mathdoku

  2023-10-02  Mathdoku #U5XR7S76
  2023-09-28  Mathdoku #F44RH5W2

Moderate Mathdoku

  2023-09-29  Mathdoku #G8P24AM8
  2023-09-26  Mathdoku #N23VP8H5

Challenging Mathdoku

  2023-09-30  Mathdoku #49ZC4JQ4
  2023-09-27  Mathdoku #VG32B52D

Diabolical Mathdoku

  2023-10-01  Mathdoku #L3BT394X
  2023-09-24  Mathdoku #5W8F8ZD4

Solutions for Mathdoku Puzzles

Just find the unique puzzle id for the puzzle you're working on and enter it below to find the solution. For Mathdoku puzzles, the unique ID is a series of eight numbers and/or letters, and is printed below each individual puzzle in the PDF. (i.e. SFA8229A).

Enter Puzzle ID:

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