Printable Numbergrid Puzzles

Numbergrid puzzles are a special kind of logic puzzle, where the goal is to uncover the pattern of black squares hidden within a grid. A series of numbers is provided for every row and column which defines that row or column's sequence of black squares. "1,4,1", for example, means that there is 1 black square, followed by an indeterminate number of spaces, followed by 4 consecutive black squares, followed by another indeterminate number of spaces, followed by a final single black square.

Each puzzle has one and only one unique solution, and each can be solved using only pure logical deduction - guessing and trial-and-error methods are never required for these puzzles.

If you're new to numbergrids, try the smaller puzzles first, then move on to the larger ones. You can also click here for a quick tutorial. Happy solving!

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5x5 and 10x10 Numbergrids

These smaller numbergrids are perfect for novices and those looking for a quick 5-minute challenge. Each 5x5 PDF contains 9 individual puzzles, and each 10x10 PDF contains 10 puzzles.

  2024-07-18  10x10 Numbergrids
  2024-07-17  5x5 Numbergrids

15x15 Numbergrids

These medium-sized numbergrids contain 15 rows and 15 columns. They are a bit more complex than our simple numbergrids, but still very accessible, and can often be solved within 10-15 minutes.

  2024-07-18  15x15 Numbergrid
  2024-07-16  15x15 Numbergrid

20x20 Numbergrids

Not for the faint-of-heart! These 20x20 Numbergrid puzzles require patience and a bit more time than our smaller and medium level puzzles.

  2024-07-17  20x20 Numbergrid
  2024-07-15  20x20 Numbergrid

25x25 Numbergrids

The mother of all Numbergrid puzzles! See if you have what it takes to complete this enormous 25x25 puzzle in less than one hour!

  2024-07-17  25x25 Numbergrid
  2024-07-15  25x25 Numbergrid

Solutions for Numbergrid Puzzles

Just find the unique puzzle id for the puzzle you're working on and enter it below to find the solution. For Numbergrid puzzles, the unique ID is a series of eight numbers and/or letters, and is printed below each individual puzzle in the PDF. (i.e. SFA8229A).

Enter Puzzle ID:

Download Adobe Reader

All of our printable puzzles are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader - a free download - to view and print them. Most computers will already have this installed, but if yours doesn't, click here to get Adobe Reader »